I have to admit I do like people watching. I like street photography. Essentially at a wedding I’m shooting street photography but with a captive audience. From the moment I arrive I won’t pose anybody, I remain in the background and I try to tell the story of that day. When I began my wedding photography journey I would move the dress, ask people to move where there was better light and get people to do things that I thought would be a great photo opportunity. Most photographers still shoot this way. That may not be a bad thing and many couples will seek this type of photography. About three years ago I realised that the pictures that drew my attention the most were not these posed images but the ones captured without anyone being aware of me. I now see my day as a storyteller but I want to tell your story and not mine. Not every wedding is the same and nor should the photographs be. Here is an image I’m very proud of. It was not staged. I was stood very close to this shot but not noticed. This is Heather on her wedding day with her sister.

I shot this with a Fuji camera which makes no noise all. If I was using a DSLR I don’t think this would have been possible. Fuji X100T 23mm F2


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