Documentary Wedding Photography

There are many styles of wedding photography and many names to cover this type of photography. Candid, natural and photo-journalistic are just some of the names used.

Essentially it should document your day, without much, and sometimes no input from your photographer. This way your day remains just that, without images instigated and directed by a third party. Without the requirement for endless posed couple shots and group images your photographer is able to capture moments of your day that you should treasure for life and possibly even bring a tear to your eye too.

I like to capture special moments, some that even you did not see during the day.

That’s not to say we will not get images of your venue, your wedding breakfast room and anything else that you have chosen for your day. Mixing with your guests and obtaining images without any direction can be a truly rewarding way to photograph a wedding.

The images to the right were taken at weddings, and not posed. Weddings are about people and really capturing the feelings and emotions of your day.

I hope you like them.