About your day

Your day is special, its unique and not repeated. Afterwards you  memories and photographs that depict your day. I want to tell that story, a story not about me or to promote me. Essentially weddings are about people, your friends and family. I aim to capture true emotion, laughter, joy, nerves and sometimes even sadness. If your day is fast paced, slow or only very brief I will capture it for you very naturally. I will mix with your guests as a guest and I will rarely pose anything.

You don’t want to spend longer with your photographer than with your husband or wife, and do not want somebody saying “can we just do that again” or anybody carrying a clipboard of staged images.

If you want posed and lots of group shots, or shots that seem to bear no connection with you or your day then there are plenty of photographers who can provide this service for you.

I hope that on your day you want to be you. I want your day to be untouched by me.

If you live near my studios or offices in Lytham I’m happy to meet. If you live further away I can still cover your wedding for you and we can chat through everything over the phone.